Turn Back Your Skin’s Clock at an Anti-Aging Clinic


Time cannot be stopped. It continues at the rate of 24 hours per day, no matter what. However, thanks to modern technology, there are many ways we can help us continue to look young and beautiful, either on our own or by an anti aging clinic in Calgary.

Laser Limelight and Laser Genesis

Limelight is made by cutera and uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). It helps reduce the appearance of capillaries, freckles, brown spots from aging, redness and damage from exposure to UV sunlight. Genesis produces a laser at the 1064nm wavelength, which stimulates the production of collagen. Collagen is the substructure of your skin. It grows thin and weak with age, which is why skin sags and wrinkles. More collagen means it’s thicker and stronger, making your skin tighter, more elastic and younger looking, without wrinkles. Also, using Genesis prior to a Limelight treatment makes your skin cells more receptive to the Limelight, enhancing and improving its effectiveness.


A form of Vitamin A, when this is applied topically to your skin, it speeds up cell replacement in the upper layers of your skin. That improves the tone of your skin and reduces wrinkles. There is a stronger version, Retinol-A, which is available only through a prescription.

Titan Laser Treatment

Stimulating the production of new collagen is also the secret to the effectiveness of Titan Laser at Top Laser Clinic in Calgary. It revs up your body to produce more collagen, thereby healing itself of loose, sagging skin. Collagen is like the inner framework of your skin. It’s a fibrous protein. It’s the steel beams or rods that support it. When you’re young, you have a lot, so your skin is tight and firm. With age, it deteriorates, and that causes skin to droop and sag. What’s more, after the Titan treatment, collagen continues to grow, so your skin keeps improving over time.

Titan is made by Cutera, and delivers infra-red light to your skin. The light’s energy heats up your skin deep below the surface, just deep enough to stimulate the growth of new collagen. An anti aging clinic in Calgary can perform this treatment for you.


This procedure involves injecting a weak version of the botulinum toxin into your facial muscles with strategic placement. It blocks the biochemical signal that tells your muscles to contract. Therefore, they remain relaxed and free of the horizontal wrinkles that frequently creates people’s foreheads. It also stops the wrinkling of skin at the corners of your eyes, so-called crow’s feet.


This product consists of a variation on the botulinum toxic, so it works the same basic way as Botox. It was approved in 2009, seven years after Botox. It takes effect quicker than Botox, and reportedly lasts longer.

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