All Truth About Fat Burners – Pros and Cons



Today it is fashionable to have a sports figure, look athletic, so more and more young people flock to gyms in the hope for a couple of months to become, if not Arnold Schwarzenegger, but, at least, Taylor Lautner.

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However, after the same two or three months, training on simulators, suffering from delayed onset muscle soreness, and not having the desired result, some of us wonder – maybe, there is a magic pill that will help? And then there’s “rescue” when the coaches come with stories about how their customers as soon as possible become almost “Mr. Olympia”. Perhaps somewhere there a magic pill, however, as a rule, and the effect of this “magic”is not real, and the words of any coach should be perceived critically, remembering that each one who standing up on the benefits of sports nutrition has the profits. Manufacture of sports nutrition today become a very lucrative business, however, as the manufacturer of products for weight loss: there is demand, there is also an offer! So do not even waste time on sites for bodybuilders or sports nutrition sellers learning about the potential dangers of fat burners, gainers or protein shakes, you will be assured of their complete safety, there are no contraindications.
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Most of the fat burners (except carnitine) have a stimulating effect on the human nervous system. In connection with this, taking of them should be very accurate. Otherwise, you can get insomnia, headaches, heart palpitations, pressure increase, and more instead of the desired result.

This group of fat burners includes caffeine, ephedrine, guarana, and others.

Caffeine. Sometimes you can hear that coffee – a “legal drug”, and it is true! The world is not accidental annually growing market for tea and coffee, as addiction and dependency to caffeine appear fairly quickly. Caffeine itself does not have the fat burning effect, but because of its stimulating effect on the nervous system, it makes it easier to transfer the burdens of the diet, reducing the weakness and lethargy caused by the lack of carbohydrates. At the same time, caffeine, due to the influence of the liquid on the tissue and nerve endings, increases peristalsis and accelerating the process of digestion. Accordingly, increased appetite, and if not to limit food intake, it is, on the contrary, leads to an increase fat component in your body.

The most powerful and at the same time the most dangerous in use is ephedrine. In recent years, the firms that produced previously supplements containing ephedrine finished to produce products with its contents. This is due to several factors: it is included in the list of banned drugs to athletes, marked by health problems in people who are fond of using ephedrine. Now, the companies moved to safer analogues of this substance, eg sinifrin – analogue of ephedrine, but with reduced side effects.

Now fat burners increasingly begin to add guarana. Guarana berries contain guaranine – analogue of natural caffeine, but in much more digestible form than in coffee. After any artificial overexcitement comes inhibition … Increasing the number of catechin tannins leads to an increase in local astringent action (often, by the way, is used in the treatment of bowel dysfunction, diarrhea of various origins, with hypersecretion of glands). However, their regular and long-term intake leads to significant binding in the intestines and excretion of not only the salts of heavy metals and radionuclides but also coming in much larger quantities necessary for a human organism of vitamins, minerals, proteins. Tannins are increasingly recognized as dietary carcinogens and substances that prevent the full absorption of protein, vitamins, trace elements.

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One of the most popular and widely used fat burners is carnitine. Carnitine – is a fat burner that has a calming effect on the nervous system and is considered a safe substance. At its core, carnitine is a vitamin-like substance that a person gets from food of animal origin. However, the human body can absorb only a small fraction of the amount that was in the eaten food, and therefore, about any fat-burning effect of this substance can not be considered. But we come to the aid of high technology and have been designed and produced in broad sell supplements called L-carnitine, and today there are few people who are interested in fitness and have not heard of this name.

The action of carnitine differs from the above-mentioned funds. If the majority of fat loss destroy the adipose tissue, thereby increasing the amount of free fatty acids in the blood, carnitine, on the contrary, decreases the blood levels of these acids by increasing the intensity of their penetration into the mitochondria of cells and undergo oxidation. In this regard, the use of carnitine has sense in case of presence of three factors: aerobic activity, restriction of carbohydrate intake, the appropriate dosage (8.4 g / d) In the absence of at least one of these three factors, the effect of the application of carnitine can be insignificant, or absent at all.

In any case, it should be remembered that the reduction of the fat component in the body can lead to serious violations of all systems of the body, especially in women. Therefore, no matter how safe was considered a fat burner that is often recommended by friends or the coach, you should consult your doctor, even better – a sports physician who has experience with similar drugs. And be sure to find out beforehand whether you have contraindications to these substances or to reducing the fat in general, and only then start thinking about the reception.

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