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Pregnancy is the time of happiness and new beginnings. For the parents-to-be especially the mother, there should be no time or space for any form of negativity or worry. But, unfortunately, in today’s time and age, people are surrounded by horrifying and undesired experiences of others. Thanks to social media outlets, the uncertain negative aspects of pregnancy get highlighted. Hence, undoubtedly, pregnant women feel doubtful and scared for their babies.

The truth is that there are risks with all kinds of pregnancies and they are inevitably a part of the whole combination hat pregnancy is. According to the best IVF specialist in Pune and experts from the top IVF centers in Delhi, not all of these scary complications are worth worrying about. Some of these are debunked below-

  • “I will never be able to lose this weight!” – Once a woman gets pregnant, her body is bound to change. But this does not mean that she will remain as heavy weighted as she gets during pregnancy. The body is making space to accommodate the growing baby and also preparing itself for delivery. Some things that the mother can take care of to ensure that she is not left with an unhealthy fat body after pregnancy is that she must eat right. Have healthy food items that promote good health and healthy development of the baby in the womb.
  • “Delivery hurts too much and has scary repercussions.” – The problem with the sources claiming to provide authentic and realistic education about pregnancy is that they do nothing but scare their readers with horror stories. It is much better to opt for pregnancy educative classes that are run by people who have themselves experienced pregnancy and delivery and have had positive results. Only if a woman follows the tips and tricks shared by such women, she can ensure that her delivery would be smooth and easy too.
  • “I will not be a good parent.” – It is okay to worry about and doubt your parenting skills. Couples that are expecting a baby must accept that being a good parent is an amalgamation of trials and errors. Moreover, one can take the help of their parents to gain essential tips on how to handle children.
  • “Breastfeeding is very difficult.” – Breastfeeding may be difficult for some women, but again, it is a matter of trials and errors. Anyone new to breastfeeding may have some problem adjusting to it. But consulting and taking the support of other, experienced women can help you greatly.
  • “I do not know what to choose.” – It is okay to be confused when bombarded with several medical terms that are foreign to the patient. But it is foolish to bear with the confusion and take decisions by going with flukes. Rather, patients must try and gain credible and a good amount of knowledge about the various tests that they may have to take, medications that they will be given, methods of delivery of the baby ad more. One can only take the right decision without any convolutions of they are informed and learned enough.

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