Thai Massage Therapy and Benefits


In today’s fast paced life people have no time to stop and relax themselves from the stress of daily life. Whether we are suffering from joint pains or headache, avoiding them is the first thing most of us do. A recent study states that a 60 minutes massage is equivalent to 7-8 hours of sleep. Massages also relieve stress from mind and body. One of such type of massage is Thai massage. Thai massage is a combination of ayurvedic techniques and principles and it has been influenced by traditional Chinese medicine.

Thai massage can be divided into 3 methods stretching and bending, Sen and meridian line compressing and acupressure. Stretching or bending is the mixture of massage and passive stretch. The whole purpose is to stretch muscle and ligaments of bones and joints. In sen and meridian is the wisdom of local practitioners after noticing the reaction of the body when using pressure along the energy line. In Acupressure deep pressure is applied onto the overlapping muscle. One of the unique things about Thai massage is that no oil is used and the recipients remain clothed during the treatment. The recipient is advised to wear loose and comfortable clothes and lay on padded mat floor. A normal session of Thai massage usually last for 60- 120 minutes .The session includes rhythmic pressing and stretching of the entire body. It consists of pulling and stretching of fingers, toes, ears walking on recipient back.

Thai massage has numerous benefits. First, it provides relaxation to muscle, ligaments and fascia by easing muscle tension. Second it dilates the blood vessel so that the blood circulation is increased which helps the body to rejuvenate and revive. Third, it stimulates the sensory nerves causing the central nervous system to reciprocate in a better way. Fourth, relieves stress and provides relaxation to the mind. The Thai massage detoxifies our body and boosts the immune system. Last but not the least it builds emotional balance centers mind and clear body and calm’s the mind.

If you are planning to get a Thai massage eat food which can be easily digested. Also, it is advisable to visit the spa for your massage session a little early to complete necessary formalities and calm yourself before massage. It is also important that your massage therapist has a complete background history of your health related problems. As Thai massage is not advisable in some medical illness. In case of any discomfort you should tell your massage therapist then and there. Those with a certain medical condition like infectious skin disease, rash, or open wounds, people immediately after surgery, people after chemotherapy or radiation should avoid Thai massage. Especially Pregnant women should first consult with their doctors before getting a Thai massage. Pregnant women are advisable to get massage only from certified pregnancy massage therapist.

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