Vitality in Women Wellbeing


  Be it family, society or work, women have a prime role in all things happening in today?s world. It would thus come as no surprise when we realise how much of a priority women?s health care truly is in the world today, especially in India.In society, many aspects are so female dependant, especially in a progressive world where the workforce and general earning environment is seeing rising percentages of women. The importance of women in a family setting needs no mention, as she is the foundation that a family relies on. Western countries, being more progressive, have no social stigma and practices that hinder the welfare of women. The case sadly does affect India, resulting in certain statistics that reflect the poor nature of women?s health in India 

Women are biologically different than men, having various attributes that make them worthy of a separate, more specific health care needs. The minor systemic changes in hormone constitution along with sexual system changes form the basis of women having a modified physiology. Branches like obstetrics and gynaecology tend to women?s reproductive health. This aspect of health becomes very essential as monitored care of a woman?s menstrual health can give various insights on the viability of her reproductive system. A commonly seen symptom, period pain, as a minor ailment can be taken, affecting many adolescent girls in our country. Most cases may seem purely normal, but others may have a pathogenesis that may manifest only later in her life. In pregnancy, it helps avoid complications that can result in potential dangers to a foetus growing inside her. 

Another rising cause of death we see in the world is cancer. Claiming many lives across the globe, we have seen the various types of cancers and the deaths it can cause. Of the various sub types of cancers, the ones specific to female organs are on a rise. All humans can potentially be affected by systemic cancers, but women, in comparison to men; also have the added risk of being prone to cancers of the breast, cervix, ovary. Strong oncological and obstetric findings suggest higher risk factors varying from environment, diet etc that can cause such a tumor. By: Amaan

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With just a glimpse of how the human female can be so susceptible to various ailments and disorders, it is only natural that the rise of women?s health is a must to ensure viability and harmony of any thriving society. 

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