10 Best Foods For Breastfeeding Mothers


Let us graze through most effective ways to improve the milk production while not compromising your taste buds.

  1. Dates: This Persian wonder is very rich in Carbs, Potassium, Dietary Fiber, Vitamin B, calcium etc. Research studies show that dates help to promote lactation in breastfeeding mothers. Dates with breakfast will be a better option to increase the prolactin, a precursor hormone that helps in milk production.
  2. Apricots: Loaded up with vitamin A, C, and other essentials minerals is a good choice to enhance the prolactin production like on dates. It will be a great addon with fruit salad, but can be consumed as such during breakfast or as a mid-day meal.
  3. Oatmeal: This would be a perfect alternative for breakfast, rich in Iron, Vitamin B-6, A and other essential minerals. Whole grain oats will be the right choice, but you can go for multigrain one too. It is advised to avoid instant oats as they contain preservatives and additives.
  4. Salmon: You may not have expected this non-veggie in the list, but yes salmon is a great choice for lactating mothers. They are one of the cheap source of protein with an added scoop of advantage, the DHA which is very important in the development of brain health.
  5. Mothers Cookie: This ain’t your child’s favorite one but a special recipe preparation focused for lactating mothers. It contains all necessary vital nutrients that she needs during lactation phase. Since it’s a custom choice the commercial availability is limited, still a great choice for home baking. You can refer the recipes on sites like Firstcry which features the recipes shared by fellow mothers and grand mothers which might prove healthy.
  6. Spinach: It is the powerhouse of vitamin A with the richness of vitamin C, Iron, potassium, magnesium and dietary fiber. During the lactation phase, a mother requires multi minerals in elevated quantity inorder to satisfy her energy needs. Raw leaf is the best, but if the taste makes you sick, it’s okay to take them with a salad.
  7. Brown Rice: It may not seem very elegant like others on the list, but is a great choice like our oatmeal, but limited in mineral strength other than added magnesium. They help you maintain a steady glucose level, without much trouble. If you feel lazy to cook raw rice then go for the instant one, which ain’t very poor compared to the raw version.
  8. Beans: When we say beans it constitutes a large collection of seeds from the family Fabaceae, loaded up with high-quality dietary fibers which constitute almost 64% of required daily value. They will good a great job aiding your digestion process as well as improve absorption.
  9. Yogurt: This protein power house will be a great option for breast feeding mothers, but make sure that she is not lactose intolerant. Add on nutrition info’s include calcium, Vitamin B-6, Magnesium and other minerals.
  10. Water: Though this guy is odd one in this list, it has its own advantage inside our system. The human body is 85% made of water, so extra water will only do good. Breast feeding mothers should drink more than average to keep their body hydrated as well as to ensure a good nutrient flow to the mammary glands to make sure that milk is loaded up.

You can also try a lot of Medical Food Supplements. These can be ordered online at much lower prices than retail market. Check out sites like Babyoye for supplements which can prove healthy to a new mom.

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