What Is The Perfect Cardio Workout Weight Loss


If you are trying to lose some body fat and get into that great shape, you will need some aerobics. There is a wide range of aerobics and different kinds of cardio that you can engage in. The good thing with aerobic exercises is that they require fat to be used as the primary source of fuel while carbs and proteins are also used but only in a smaller extend.

However, the best aerobic exercises for loss of fat is a subject that needs debate. This is because the aerobic exercises are done in a moderate intensity and involve the long, repetitive and hard exercises that are able to challenge your lung and heart to use oxygen as the primary source of fuel that is needed for the sustenance of the body over a period of 15-20 minutes or even for a longer period of time.

Some of the best choices for aerobic activities include running, walking, cycling and rowling. One of the commonality in these exercise types is in that the make use of the biggest group of muscles. When you engage in aerobic exercises, fats, carbohydrates and oxygen are combined to create adenosine triphosphate which is the basic source of fuel for all kinds of cells.

Since fat is a better fuel source when engaging in aerobic activities as compared to protein and carbs- it will be used in a better way as you engage in the aerobic activity lasting longer as compared to the anaerobic activities that involve the short-bursts. When you exercise in aerobic exercising at the higher percentage, it will be possible to burn some more calories and this will help you to enjoy greater loss of fat. When you engage in exercises at an aerobic zone but isn’t aerobic, this will draw fuel from carbs and therefore higher intensity is better.

Where there is more usage of total calories as compared to a little amount of fat like what happens with the low intensity aerobics, not only are the calories likely to be consumed but there will also be more loss of fat.

Why aerobics are beneficial

When you engage in any type of aerobics, you will reap almost the same benefits as the low intensity and high intensity methods. Some of the benefits of aerobic exercises include:

  • Helps to strengthen muscles that perform respiration in order to help lung function
  • Increase the body’s red blood cells so that there is better facilitation of oxygen in the body
  • Reduce tension and stress and increase the well-being of your brain
  • Increase circulation in all the areas of your body
  • Improve your self esteem

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