Best Health Tips for Women Post Pregnancy


Pregnancy is an important part of a lot of women’s life. Generally, people take more care of a woman who is going to be a mother, and with the birth of the child, the attention, to an extent shifts to the new born. However, a new mother needs equal care if not more. Right after delivering the baby, the postpartum period starts. This is the time when women need a lot of care to remain healthy. This is the period when the mother goes through a lot of changes, both physically and mentally, and thus they should adopt certain ways of healthy living. However, not everyone is aware of the kind of care they should take of themselves. For their convenience, here are some of the best health tips for women during the post pregnancy period.

Some important health tips for women in the post partum period

A new mother has to get accustomed to a lot of changes in her life, her body and mind. This is the time she needs to be healthy. These tips will help her to be at the pink of health.

• First thing that a new mother needs is plenty of rest. However, this can be difficult,
because as the new parents will soon figure out that their sleeping time is very different than the baby’s need of sleep and other things. In general, a new born will wake up once every three hour and needs to be fed, changed and put to sleep again. This whole process can get very exhaustive, especially for the mother. Thus it is important that she is not given any other duties than taking care of the baby, at least during the first month or so, of the childbirth. The mother also needs to cultivate the habit of sleeping when the baby sleeps. At times, there will be relatives or friends visiting the new born and the mother, but even then it is perfectly okay, that a mother should excuse herself, so that she and the baby do not face any problems.

• The next important thing is a healthy diet for a new mother. One has to keep a close eye on the nutritional value of the food that the mother is consuming. At the same time, the quantity should not be excessive, or there should not be too many fat inducing foods. To regain the strength and energy, which the mother might feel ebbing, after the child birth, could be restored by a balance diet. Yes, one needs some extra calories, because they are breastfeeding, but, one does not want to gain too much weight, because already during the pregnancy. Food items like oats dalia, pulses and lentils, almonds, green vegetables are the best foods that have nutritional value and are good for the new mother. Add to it spices such as turmeric, carom seeds, fenugreek, sesame seeds etc., and a diet which is healthy is made. It is very important to have a well balanced diet, in order to emerge hale and hearty from the post birth period. Also, while breastfeeding, the mother should increase the amount of her fluid intake. It is important for women’s health to drink plenty of water, so that they do not get dehydrated during breastfeeding.

• Weight losing is another important part of recovering the health. Generally, during the pregnancy women acquire much fat, and it gets really difficult to lose them right after they have given birth. However, it is not impossible to gradually lose weight without compromising on the health. Some important things that one need to keep in mind while trying to lose weight are-

1. No diet- when someone has just had a baby, they should not diet to stay fit or lose weight. Doctors are of the opinion, that if a woman eats only when she is hungry, and eats healthy food items, it should not be too difficult for her to lose weight. It is important to remember, that while someone is breastfeeding, they need about 1800 calories a day. Thus drastic diet is not a very good idea. Also, one can try eating more of super foods, such as milk and yogurt.

2. Exercise- After the initial part of the post partum period is over, it is better for women’s health to take up some exercises. Aerobics and strength training exercises are helpful for new mothers, after the child birth. Also, exercise plays an important role in fighting with the post partum depression that most women suffer from. It is not necessary though to take fitness class or rush to the gymnasium. One can get adequate amount of exercise from regular brisk works.

• Sometimes, a child birth can lead to a tear or due to episiotomy which can be painful. In order to heal quickly, and get rid of the pain, sitting in a few inches of water, for a few times a day will be helpful. Moreover, it will keep the area clean, so that there are no chances of any infections. If there is a swelling, experts advice using an ice pack. If the problem persists for longer than usual, it is prudent to seek the advice of a medical expert. Also, if one has some other health related problems, such as infections in the breast, heavy bleeding etc, it is always better to immediately visit their doctor.

With the right amount of food, rest, and exercise, it is not too difficult to deal with post partum depression and lack of good health. In fact, the lack of good health is connected to the depression to an extent. Therefore, women who have recently become a mother should be looked after well. The housework could be shared by the partner, or some professional, and even close relatives, so that the mother gets ample amount of rest, and does not stress herself too much. It is good to remember, that for the health of a baby, it is important that its mother is in good health.

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