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In vitro Fertilization for infertility:

The in vitro fertilization is one of the fertility treatment procedures in which process of mixing sperm and egg outside of the body, later the fertilized eggs are moved to the uterus of the woman.

Use of in vitro fertilization:

  1. By using this technology infertile couples are capable to get pregnant
  2. In vitro fertilization is well known to find correct cause of infertility
  3. In vitro fertilization through surrogacy treatment brings happiness to many families who have lost hope.
  4. In vitro fertilization is a greatly suggested method in solving fertility concerns.
  5. In vitro fertilization is assisting single woman or man to start a family.
  6. It has an obvious advantage of boosting possibility of pregnancy
  7. Finally this treatment provides the chance of pregnancy.

This is one of the recommended processes of fertilization for the infertile couples who cannot conceive naturally. This process is done at the fertility hospitals under the direction of senior fertility doctors who choose best quality sperm & egg to make the IVF method into most successful one. IVF is a demanding method of fertilization and lotus kiran is best infertility treatment hospital in Hyderabad | India to bring hope to childless couples.









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What is a surrogate mother?

A surrogate mother is a female (or) woman who accepts to carry someone else’s baby. She befits pregnant using some techniques of ART

technology. Whether you are a single woman (or) man (or) a couple, you can choose to use a surrogate to support bring your dreams of parenting to reality. The surrogate mother provides birth with the love & care of the intended parents, and the intended parents go home with lot of joy.

Here are a number of major aspects to consider when choosing a surrogate mother

1) The surrogate’s medical history

2) The surrogate’s lifestyle choices

3)  Overall good health

4) Be between the ages of 21-35

5) Ready to undergo physical, medical and psychological evaluation and tests.

6) Has experienced the joy of having own child and reliable support from family.

7) Have a healthy reproductive history.




It is our responsibility at Lotus Kiran to screen potential applicants to approve that you begin your journey with an intended parent or couple with comfort and certainty knowing that you are a highly qualified & inspired surrogate ready to share in the commitment and happiness in giving birth to their child.

To know more please visit www.lotuskiran.com

Lotus Children´s Hospital HIG No.15,

Hi tech City Road, KPHB, Hyderabad.


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