Do pilates exercise to fight depression


Depression is a persistent problem haunting the present generation residing in the urban areas. The youth of Dubai is no different than the rest. Busy lifestyles devoid of any productive physical activity and an ever increasing fast food culture is gradually changing the way we behave with other people. We are today unable to strike a balance between life and work, which is inadvertently adding to the stress, which when neglected, gives rise to a chronic mental disorder known as depression. Depression not only snatches away the happiness from our lives, but also brings negative changes to the functioning of our different organs. Depression makes the body vulnerable to several other lifestyle diseases. Depression also alienates one from friends and family, building up the tendency of getting irritated by the general society. However, the good thing is that depression is completely treatable. One of the best methods of fighting depression is undoubtedly getting indulged in physical exercise.

If you are suffering from depression, the first thing you should do is to take up a membership at anygymnasium or fitness centre. You can enrol yourself in any of the classes offered in the gymnasium as per your choice and convenience. There are several types of exercises which would help you in eliminating the clouds of sad thoughts and fill up your life with newfound bliss. Dancing is one such exercise, which effectively takes away depression from one’s mind. Most gyms in Dubai offer dance in scientifically designed forms such as Capoeira Dubai in dedicated and well-supervised classes.

Speaking about forms of exercise in order to fight depression, Pilates exercise usually has a profound effect on the body as well as on mental health. Pilates is a modern form of exercise which has been accredited in theories of how our body and mind functions. The gymnasiums in Dubai offer classes for Pilates which are supervised by trained professionals. Joining Pilates classes in any reputed gym in Dubai can be considered as one of the best decisions one can take in order to fight depression.

Another form of exercise, which most body specialists and psychologists would advise a person suffering from depression to take up, is yoga. Yoga is an ancient oriental form of exercise which beautifully combines aerobic postures with mediation. The different postures of yoga known as asanas are practised in a patterned routine and are collectively known as Hatha Yoga. The best thing about yoga is that it has the power of soothing our mind like nothing else. You can join yoga classes in any good gym in Dubai. You can be assured that the gym would also offer the service of personal trainer in Dubai so that any chance of injury can be eliminated.

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