Different Ways of Cancer that Women Suffer from


Cancer is a disease, which, if not checked at the very beginning, can be fatal in many cases. Basically cancer means a disease in which the cells of a human body grow beyond control. Cancer, as a rule is named after that part of a human body from where it originates. There are certain cancers which affect specific female body parts, and thus are named after them such as cervical cancer, breast cancer, and ovarian cancer. All these cancers are bad for women health. In most cases, however, there are some lifestyle changes that can help women to protect themselves from, or at least lower the risks of cancer. In order to protect women health from the attack of cancer, it is important that a person is well informed about this disease. Thus here are some important information about some specific cancers, which affect women.

Ovarian Cancer

In the pelvis region of a woman, two ovaries are located on each sides of the uterus. The purpose of the ovaries is to produce eggs and make female hormones. These organs are susceptible to the risks of cancer. In fact there are more chances of a woman suffering from ovarian cancer, than that of any other female reproductive organ.

There are a number of signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer, such as vaginal bleeding or abnormal discharges from vagina, back pain, pain in the abdomen region, bloating and some other symptoms. However, even if someone has these symptoms, it may not mean that they have ovarian cancer, it just means that she should immediately consult a doctor.

There are a number of treatments for ovarian cancer, such as

1. Surgery- For ovarian cancer, surgery is a good option, since the tissues that contain cancer can be removed through surgery.

2. Chemotherapy- Cancer at a specific stage can be eliminated with the use of chemotherapy. In this process, special medicines are used to shrink or kill the cancer cells.

3. Radiation- Through high energy ray, cancer is killed.

Thus ovarian cancer can be removed, if it is diagnosed at an early stage. If someone has the signs mentioned above, they should ideally listen to her body and see a doctor, and just do not regret later.

Breast cancer

Another risk for women health is the breast cancer. Some specialists are of the opinion that, a woman who has a high generic life can be victims of breast cancer. The most important points that can lead to this type of cancer are the age of initiation of menstruation. But there are certain options they can choose.

If a person has chances of cancer, they can make a few lifestyle changes in order to lessen the chances. For example controlling the weight is one of the easiest way of reducing the chances of breast cancer. Other healthy choices that one can make are quitting drinking and smoking. Staying away from hormone therapy can also reduce the risks of breast cancer.

For breast cancer too there are a number of treatments available, especially at the early stage, when the risk of the breast cancer is low. According to some of the studies, if the lump with cancer can be removed from the breast instead of removing the breast itself, and then treating the area with radiation can completely cure early stage breast cancer. However, if a woman undergoes a more intensive treatment, the chances are that the woman will live longer, but there can be other complications, like shrinking of the breast.
Thus it is important that no woman should ignore the symptoms of a possible breast cancer, and report to a doctor at the earliest stage.

Cervical cancer

The lower part of the uterus is known as the cervix. This is where the baby grows during a pregnancy. A woman can have cancer in that region of her body, and when she does, it can get very difficult to cure. It is important to find and treat the abnormal cells inside a cervix and treat it before things can go really wrong. In order to prevent cervical cancer it is important to have regular women health checkup, because early detection of this disease can lead to its cure.

There are two types of tests that can help detect cervical cancer, one is the pap test, or pap smear test and another is the HPV test. In both the cases cells are collected from the cervix, and tested. For pap smear test, the idea is to test if there are is some abnormal cell growth. Whereas the HPV test is a test in which the HPV infection is checked. If the report is positive, then biopsy test becomes important.

It is generally seen that women over the age of 30 have a greater risk of getting the cervical cancer. This disease can be passed on through sexual relationship, therefore, it is better that one practices safe sex.

In the case of cervical cancer treatment, especially at the stages 1b and 2a, there are a number of options such as

1. Chemotherapy and radiation applied at the same time in the affected cells.

2. Chemotherapy, after removing of lymph nodes of the pelvic region, after using radical hysterectomy.

3. There is another treatment called radical trachelectomy.

4. Use of chemotherapy before a surgery.

It is important that a woman includes the cervical cancer tests in the routine health check up. In case of these types of cancer, prevention is always a better option, and maintaining some basic rules can actually be beneficial for the prevention.

These are some of the well known cancers that can affect a woman. In order to have a lower risk of these diseases, one needs to follow a healthy lifestyle, and get themselves checked from time to time. Even then one might get cancer, but, if a woman follows a regular routine and have health checkups, she will have a better chance of surviving the cancer.

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