Personal Trainer In Dubai


I have been looking for the leading female personal trainer in Dubai. I hate to go to the gym and I’ve heard that a female personal trainer will come to my house and help me out. I have gained a lot of weight due to an injury and now I need to slowly get moving again. A personal trainer should be able to help me design a plan that involves both diet and exercise. I need exercises that are approved by my doctor but will also help me lose weight.

A leading female personal trainer in Dubai is skilled at evaluating a person for flexibility, stamina, and knowledge. I consider myself moderately athletic and knowledgeable about healthy food. However, my stamina and flexibility have become limited because of the injury. Also, I know a lot of different exercises but I’m not sure what to do that will help to heal the injury rather than aggravate it. Personal trainers have learned how to help many different types of clients. They are skilled with beginners who have spent a lot of years on the couch as well as seasoned athletes who run marathons and train for the Olympics.

I called around and found a leading female personal trainer in Dubai who was willing to come to my home to help me out. We sat and talked about my injury, my other health problems, and what I am able to do. I also told her the various things that the doctor told me not to do like running, lifting heavy weights, or anything that would put a heavy strain on my back.

The personal trainer understood and we began to discuss my diet. I confessed that I had been eating a lot of junk food because it is convenient. Frozen meals or fast food was easy because for many months it has been difficult to stand for long periods of time to cook. I’ve been given the all-clear from my doctor to stand in the kitchen and cooks so I told her that I need some recipes that will help me cook healthy meals fast. The personal trainer asked her questions and then did an evaluation on my ability to move, bend: walk, and so on. She said that she would need some time to come up with exactly what I needed. I agreed and we set another appointment to meet the next week.

I called the leading female personal trainer in Dubai to help me get back on my feet. I’ve been down because of an injury but I’m ready to get back out there, lose the weight, and get strong. She put together a low impact plan for me that will involve a lot of swimming. She also helped me to develop some recipes that are healthy and do not take hours in the kitchen. I am completely satisfied with my experience working with the leading female personal trainer in Dubai.

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