Seven things you don't know about elder care facilities


When our aging parents feel alone and seems unable to take care of themselves. At this time we prefer senior home for the better future of our parents. Some children don’t have so much to take care of them and some don’t want to. Assisted living is new nursing home that don’t offers the fancy furniture like nursing homes and don’t have license unlike them. There are many thing that we must know about elder care facilities. Sometimes at the month ends or years end, we choose the long term living in hurry without knowing everything about them that causes serious problems in future.
Here are some things or aspects that we don’t know about senior homes, are as under:-
1. What assisted living provides- Most of the senior communities that call themselves elder care facilities provide the different level of care and offers nursing home like facilities but not all. are some provide excellent services that are facilitated in nursing homes. There is Palm Cottage that offers excellent services to its residents. Most of the communities care residents under strict environments.
2. Each community has unique personality- Each senior housing have unique personality in terms of services provided to its residents. Some communities have a more formal, traditional design sensibility, while others may have a more home-like, down to earth ambiance. Senior livings comes in different shapes and sizes. every community is licensed to care minimum 20 residents and some have hundreds of residents.

3. Different policies- Different communities have different policies with specific weight limits and restrictions, so it becomes important to do research. Some senior housing conduct interview to check whether persons is right for their community. It becomes necessary to best housing that suits for our loved ones.
4. Assisted living costs are lower than you think- Elder care homes are less costlier than nursing homes. Most commonly, they offer two bed rooms. If we want extra amenities then they get extra charges from us. That charges depends upon amenities they provide.
5. Assisted living is lot synonymous with nursing homes- Approximately every adult child consider homes for seniors most appropriate for their elder parents.some differences are:  

     Assisted living are mobile while nursing homes are bed ridden.

    Nursing homes have single private rooms while assisted living have one- bed room    apartment.

6. Culturally diverse options- In most senior care homes all the residents don’t belong to same culture and religion. There is culture diversity in in elder care communities. We can find multiple people belong to different religions like Jewish , Persian etc.Some communities have only particular religion residents.
7. Assisted living dementia care- Most of the people in America suffers from Alzheimer’s dementia is disease of short term memory lose. Many elder care facilities provide memory care home with assisted living for dementia patients. Memory care is specialized assisted living that’s secure to protect residents, that has staff specially trained to care for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

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