Health Benefits on growing a Beard


Scruffy beard gives a masculine look and men look just great. But it is not just the looks that you will be able to enjoy, there are many health benefits of growing a beard. Many people save their beard regularly, almost every day and those are missing the benefits of having a beard. If you are also one among those who are missing these health benefits, then it is time for you to know about them before it is too late. Having a beard will protect your face from the harmful UV rays. That means you can keep your skin safe from the skin cancers and skin rashes. It helps in blocking almost 95 percent of the UV rays and protects the skin.

Having a beard can help you in staying younger for a longer time. When you are having a beard, your skin is less exposed to the UV rays and when it is less exposed, then you can look younger. Isn’t the logic simple and straight? Now, it may be summer and too much heat. But next, you have winter and in winter you will have biting cold. Your beard can keep you warm for a longer time. The longer beard you have, the more warmer you can feel. You will not have to face the problem of infections like Folliculitis, which means the spots that appear on your face due to the infections, bacterial infections and in-growths as well. If you are able to reduce the in-growths, and not razor cuts appear on your face, then you can have a blemish free and soft skin. Whether you agree or not, your beard can help you in preventing illness. When there is a sudden change in the climate, then your beard can act as insulation against the temperature outside, so that the warmth in your body is not released and the changes in the climate does not affect your health.

You will be surprised, if you hear that your beard can help you stay away from asthma or allergic symptoms. If you are allergic to pollen grains or the dust in the air, then this beard will help in filtering those substances. That means, they will not settle on your skin directly. Beard can also act as a natural moisturizer. Surprising or shocking? Don’t get surprised or shocked because here is why it can act as a natural moisturizer. When you keep shaving your skin, the skin becomes dry. You also use some chemical bases shaving gels and foams during shaving, and they also make your skin dry. The Sebaceous glands secrete a natural oil, which acts as a natural moisturizer. But when you shave your face so many times, the glands get closed due to too much of shaving and chemicals. Thus, your face will not get the amount of moisture that it needs. So, having beard can help in providing that moisture content to the skin and keep it young and smooth.

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