You Can Easily Conclude Your Untimely Pregnancy With MTP Kit


When a woman gets pregnant, then her life became full of enthusiasm and cheerfulness. But when she is carrying an unintended pregnancy, then she suffers from a feeling of agony, ashamed and terrible. A woman may suffer from anxiety and fear due to the prevalence of social stigma in the society. She has to take a proper step towards the termination of unintended pregnancy; otherwise, this unplanned pregnancy may disrupt her social or family life and may cause negative impacts on the physical or mental health of a woman.

There are serious concerns that are accountable for the termination of unintentional pregnancy, such as health risk to babies as well as mothers, poor financial background, congenital birth defects, rape or incest and physical or mental health of females. Nowadays millions of women access an abortion to conclude their unplanned pregnancy due to some common reasons such as relationship problems, an unwillingness to be a single mother, family planning service and when adolescent girls are carrying an unintended pregnancy. We provide a better solution for the termination of unplanned pregnancy, so buy MTP Kit from our online store.

The medicinal method is the most widely used technique for the termination of undesired pregnancy. The medicinal method is a safe, effective, reliable and cost-effective technique to access an abortion. It contains some FDA approved medicines known as Mifepristone and Misoprostol. These are helpful in executing abortion at home in a confidential manner. The best brand which includes both medicines is MTP Kit. Buy MTP Kit online from this website portal.

MTP Kit is an efficient course of therapy for early medical abortion and it has proved itself to be more successful, secure and commonly accepted technique to terminate an unintended pregnancy.

MTP kit contains the FDA-approved generic medicines called Mifepristone (one tablet) and Misoprostol (four tablets). MTP Kit is to conclude the early pregnancy that pregnancy of 63 days of the gestation period.

How does MTP Kit act to conclude pregnancy?

Mifepristone is an antiprogestin that acts on the progesterone receptor and blocks the activity of progesterone hormone, as the progesterone hormone is responsible for maintaining pregnancy. Mifepristone mainly causes the uterus wall lining to shed and leads to placental detachment. Misoprostol causes the strong contraction of myometrial and also leads to the dilation and softening of the cervix. Finally, the expulsion of the fetus takes place.

What is the correct administration of MTP Kit?

A woman has to consume one tablet of Mifepristone (200mg) via the oral route with a glass of water. Then after 2 to 3 days she has to administer 4 tablets Misoprostol either vaginally or orally. Then she has to follow with a clinical visit after 14 days of consuming Mifepristone for the final confirmation of abortion.

What are the undesired noxious effects of MTP Kit?

A woman may come across some of the side effects such as stomachache, loose motion, giddiness, weakness, exhaustion, pelvic pain, abnormal heavy bleeding, urinary tract infection, pain in the joint and nervousness.

Safety precautions that a woman has to take after abortion:

  • You should not insert intrauterine device in the uterus after abortion because it may cause vaginal bleeding.
  • You should avoid driving or performing heavy tasks that require full awareness.
  • Avoid taking alcohol and grape juice with this medication as it can increase the severity of its side effects.
  • You can use the contraception only at the time of lovemaking activity.

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