The Best Fat Burning Foods for Women & Men


Some special foods are considered the best fat burning foods for women and men; they help to kick start the metabolism enabling the body to burn fat! And when it comes to dieting and losing weight, we are so concentrated on what foods to avoid that we completely forget to pay attention to some of the best fat burning foods for weight loss that can actually help us to burn fat and achieve the success we want.

Here we introduce you to a list of the best fat burning foods for women and men that you should include in your diet program everyday:

High Protein Meats

Some types of meats are high in protein such as lean cuts of chicken, turkey, beef and pork.

High Protein Meats may appear to be more appropriate to people who play extreme sports to build muscle. They are harder for the body to process and it needs more energy to break them down, so the body burns more fat to provide this energy. High protein meats burn at least 30% of calories during digestion.

The other advantage of including high protein meats into your weight loss diet plan is that they are filling and will give you a feeling of complete satisfaction between meals reducing the temptation to snack between regular meals.

Also fish such as salmon, tuna and sardines are high protein meats that we can add to our list of the best fat burning foods for women and men.

Spicy Foods

When you need some help to burn fat and lose weight, spicy foods are certainly the way forward. Peppers in particular are excellent at raising the body temperature and in turn, increasing metabolism to incinerate more calories.

spicy foods are the best fat burning foods for weight loss, so if you’re courageous enough and you want to really lose your weight, try adding chillies such as cayenne chillies, habaneros and jalapenos to your meals and get pleasure from the advantages of increased fat burning.

High Fibre Foods

When it comes to burning fat and losing weight High Fibre Foods are sometimes an underestimated quality and may seem like an idle element, but you really shouldn’t undervalue them if you’re serious about losing weight.

High fibre foods not only help digestion they also help the food move faster through the digestive tract which means we absorb fewer calories.

Fibre rich foods can also help us to feel fuller, so by eating them we should eat less between meals and feel less hungry during the day. That in turn will reduce our cravings for foods we know should be avoiding (the ones we all like best – full of sugar and fat!) Then it will be easier for us to make sensible food choices and stick to our diet plans.

Also they are harder for the body to process so the body burns twice as many calories breaking them down. For all that, High Fibre Foods are considered of the best fat burning foods for women and men.

Whole grains, broccoli, oatmeal, raspberries, strawberries and brown rice are examples of foods high in fibre.

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