3 Reasons Why Diet Pills Don't Work


In today’s frenetic world, many people turn to pills and supplements to help with a great deal of problems. One such issue is that of weight loss. People seek out quick fixes, including taking dietary elements that may actually do more harm than good. If you have ever tried this option and failed to succeed in achieving your goals, you’re not alone. There are several reasons why this is not a good way to go, and once you know them all, you’ll realize that it’s best to go a different route for health and wellness overall.

Appetite Suppressants

While it’s a good thing to cut back on certain foods, you shouldn’t just suppress your appetite. The reason why is simple; you will not get enough nutrients. Your body may drop a few pounds at first, but once it realizes that you are not getting enough calories to sustain 100% homeostasis, it will hold onto fat cells. It will feel as though you’re starving, and therefore it will hold onto any cells it can to sustain life. This is something that happens to those that are in extreme conditions as well, which is why this is not a good thing.

Fat Burners

In most cases, fat burners that come within the form of pills are highly caffeinated. They focus on caffeine to help you get more energy, and stay awake. The thought is simple, if you’re awake and moving faster, you will burn more fat. That’s not a good thing either. If your heart rate speeds up too fast, and you are not actually going to work out and using these in conjunction with a doctor’s recommendation, you could cause harm to your blood vessels, circulatory system, and much more. It’s best not to go this route, simple as that.

The Latest Fad

There are many fads that have come and gone. Some tell you about rare extracts that come from secret locations, and when you take them, you’ll lose weight. That’s not the case. If there was an extract that burned fat, you would see everyone using it and seeing results. Chances are, the results that people see are the result of diet and exercise. There’s a certain placebo effect that people end up getting when they take pills, especially natural supplements for weight loss. While there’s nothing wrong with placebo, it is not really the truth in regards to what is working. What really is working is the efforts placed by those that choose to exercise, eat right, and continue on the path of optimal fitness.

The reasons why these things don’t work overall is because they don’t target the body’s natural movements. They only work on a temporary basis, if at all, and they limit the processes that the body needs to succeed in shedding fat cells. Simply put, they don’t work, and yet their marketing budgets are such that you will always hear about them. It’s not worth the trial and error that comes with these, as results rarely come through in the long term. 

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